Welcome to first time US generics

First Time US Generics (FTUG) is an emerging pharmaceutical company with core expertise in development, manufacturing, testing, regulatory, patent litigations and distribution.  FTUG provides unique solutions to pharmaceutical companies across the globe, unlike other contract research and manufacturing organizations FTUG takes complete responsibility of product development and commercialization. FTUG accepts challenges and commit to deliver the project on time.

Within a year of establishment FTUG developed and submitted   4  ANDAs under paragraph IV patent certification and  all of those are accepted by FDA

How FTUG  can assist you ?

  • to become FDA inspected manufacturer
  • to launch your company or product in the US
  • to file products involving PIV certification
  • to become compliant after adverse actions from US-FDA

We can provide complete turnkey solutions and cost effective delivery on an accelerated timeline which cannot be matched by others.Our access to global network will provide you the highest level of quality, safety, and service in generic pharmaceuticals at the best value.

We offer you an established platform to launch your company or product faster and economical way. We are flexible, transparent and accountable to your clients

FTUP has its own testing and manufacturing facilities with state of art infrastructure in compliance with ICH , FDA and EMA guidance.  If you are looking for investment or product development in United States and European regions FTUG is the one stop destination.

Apart from product development and regulatory consulting we provide routine testing and stability testing services for the small and medium scale pharmaceutical companies.

FTUG has its presence in India with state of art testing facility to provide quality services at highly competitive price.

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